Toolkit for Remodeling

Remodeling has become life in this transitional season. After the Atlanta project, we directly started into a more challenging 5-week endeavor of an 1800 square foot house in addition to purchasing a house in Knoxville to remodel for a rental property. Truthfully I never realized the amount of thought, time and effort. The last three months have been a learning curve and time of personal growth.

Lesson 1: Allowing patience to learn new skills. 

I am an impatient person when it comes to acquiring challenging new skills. Expecting perfection, I struggle with the process and space to learn, hone in skills and to become better. Outside of playing sports, some crafting and typing, I have never worked with my hands. At first it is comical. Five minutes later I am vehemently aggravated and defeated. Encountering frustration and learning how to dissolve it has been a useful tool. Making mistakes helps me to have more grace for myself. When I realize that I need grace, I offer it more freely to others.

Lesson 2: Gaining vision. 

Remodeling is about seeing the potential, the creativity to make beautiful things. My eyes are starting to adjust to the unseen, the possibility, the imaginative process. Objects and structures no longer seem two dimensional; I can visualize the operational depth and movement. A flat world is one that we ignore to understand.

Lesson 3: Familiarity with how stuff works.

I reside more in the world of words and leave the “how stuff works” to those who take more of a fancy to such. Again, this year I am resolving to discovery and to curiosity. Not only am I learning the hard skills of labor but the function behind, the operational components and comprehension of new thought processes. The right side of my brain is getting a good workout.

Lesson 4: Humility.  

Scrubbing floors, taping, pulling weeds, caulking and painting is not glamorous work. I am thankful for a season to work hard with my hands, to be able to appreciate my life of comfort and ease, college degrees and opportunities in life. I have a deeper gratitude toward my parents who prioritized my education in order to experience an easier way.

The most satisfying part of the process is the before and after, seeing the direct impact of your work:


Resolving instead of “Resoluting” 2017

Mid-January and resolutions are already faded or forgotten. Instead of a resolution this year,  I am resolving to discover new aspects to the familiar world around me. One element I am continuing to unfold is that ministry isn’t boxed up in a word, in a church, in a place. It isn’t trying to fix others, but realizing my brokenness and its potential collateral damage. Living out the call of ministry in every day life is an infusion of goodness that positively influences those around you. Ministry isn’t elevation or greatness. It is humility, submission and surrender of pride, selfishness and personal gain. Others before self. Often this way of life is most difficult to live out with those in your inner circle, the ones that you don’t have to impress. However, this is the most crucial place to extend love, goodness and kindness. Love echoes, goodness reverberates and kindness perpetuates. In this new year, may we continue to shine positivity and remember the power of putting others before ourselves, partnering in the restoration of redemption to brokenness, being salt and light.